• Cheryl McCaffrey

    I’m a botanical watercolor artist living in Boston. I work primarily in watercolor, using layers of transparent pigments to achieve depth and detail. I enjoy observing and documenting the delicate, perfectly imperfect details found in nature.


    Deborah Shapiro

    Magazine Collage Artist

    There's more than meets the eye. Look closely at all the details in the collages. Each is made with rip or torn magazine paper. No paint is used.




    Jenn Steffen

    As a working artist, I love to immerse myself in creative endeavors, and thrive on exploring many mediums and subject matter, from painting landscapes and florals, illustrating color pencil portraits, digitally designing patterns.


    Kathy Weller

    I'm from Cambridge, MA. All of my artwork is original, unique, and illustrated by only me. No fonts, no clip art! I make videos to inspire you creatively, including sketchbook experiments, how-to's and art supply talks, art supply reviews, and more!


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