Are you living in a field of dreams or a nightmare on Main St?

How are the messages in your head creating your life?

Are you living in a field of dreams or a nightmare on main st?

We all want the happily ever after. However, life can get away from us. Work, family, career the responsibilities seem never-ending. Stress brings with it a multitude of unwanted friends of worry, anger, doubt, anxiety, panic, rage, etc. to create the nightmare of our life. FEAR is the one word
that encompasses all the negative feelings experienced. Fear of not measuring up, Fear of losing my family, Fear of humiliation, Fear of getting hurt, the list is beyond measure for we are all at its mercy.

There is a way out, of the suffocating stress of life. What I'mabout to tell you may seem insignificant and inconsequential but refrain from an immediate judgment for you have the power to change everything in your life. Your power is in your thoughts and focus. Your power for change lies at the root of your beliefs and life expectations.

"at the centerof your being you have the answer; you know who you are and you know what you want."

-Lao Tzu

Beliefs are nothing more than continually focused thoughts. Onour journey, the most active thoughts become our core beliefs and guiding lights in the choices and actions we take, consciously or unconsciously everyday. Awareness is our superpower. Lifting the veil of our life opensthe door to a path of happily ever after. The superpower of awareness can sting at first. We have been living and creating our lives in what can be called "DrawingDrunk." Drunk in unconsciousness, drunk in fear, drunk in stress. We do not see clearly or in alignment with what we truly desire. Each minute, hour, day, week and year we are drawing and creating our life bychoices and actions we take.

What if you chose differently?

What if?

In art school, we are taught to work general to specific.

Every drawing is a compilation of shapes. As you create generalshapes, that will become your drawing, you begin to get more and more specific as to the details of your drawing, similar to the goals we have for our life.

We have a desire a dream of accomplishing something, say writinga book. To write a book seems overwhelming or out of our reach.

Using general to specific we can gain a better perspective ofour dream. To start we begin asking questions in a general way…”What do I want to write?” Answer the questions without thinking too much. Make a self-discovery game of this practice and follow the general to specific concept.

What if I do this?

What if I do that?

What if, is a path of creation.

What if you _________________________? How would you feel?_______________________

Would this bring you closer to living in a field of dreamsor a nightmare on main st?


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