Feel and focus for 2018


Dare to Dream Carry Your Message

We are on the brink of a new year. Many find a ritual of selecting a word as a guiding light for the upcoming year. I have tried year after year to choose one word to no avail.

Feel and focus for 2018; the message I will carry into the new year and every year.

Words are just words if they don't spark an emotion. It is the feeling the words embody within that I desire. It is the image and dream of becoming that calls me to words, quotes, and affirmations. To select one word for the entire year is like giving me one book to read. Not possible. I am a lifelong learner as well as a permanent dreamer.

It's taken me decades to realize and accept the power of choice and focus as they relate to my feelings and the effects on my life.

How do I want to feel, be or become was taught to me early in life.  As a young woman, fresh out of rehab, I was blessed with the wisdom of women who had walked the path before me. Desperate to find my way I listened and watched.  I saw women that had what I wanted in my life. I watched what they did and quietly observed and envisioned myself one day living a productive and happy life. It wasn't long before life began to change. Feel and focus were my tools. I chose to feel appreciation, gratitude and maintained sobriety through the focused action of abstinence and personal change as I had observed and learned. I could not help but improve my life.

Two years ago I experienced a debilitating accident to both of my eyes. Life would never be the same. The fear, pain, and uncertainty of my future almost broke me; until I came back to my roots of feel and focus. Many days and nights I consciously released the fear, pain, and uncertainty I felt with the expectation of healing. Healing I received, and for that, I am grateful.  As I continue to reclaim my life I am filled with the memories of the women who came before me, each showing me rather than telling me, I have the power to create my future as I choose. My Choice is my power. Feel and focus are my tools.

"Affirmations are like kindling to a fire. They keep the energy going within by bringing forth the positive energy you desire."  -Unknown

Happy New Year!


Photo by Dayne Topkin on Unsplash

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