Has the steam run low on your New Year's resolution?


No worries! You just need to reframe! Think in terms of “the day’s resolution” rather than the entire year. Shift your mindset in such a way to help you to take the action you desire. 

Each day write and carry your vision, strategy, goal or tactic with you. Awareness and emotional connection, to WHAT you desire, are your friends. 

Write it. Wear it. Live it!

Below is the basic structure for resolution success.

Your Vision = (Your New Year's resolution.) The overall results you want and desire in your life.  Envision how the results will make you feel.

Your strategy = The one path, out of a multitude of paths, you will take to achieve your vision.

Your goals = The small steps needed within your strategy to lead you to mini successes or goal achievements

Your tactics = The actual actions you are going to take to achieve your goals

This structure is the building block to success! Each stage of the structure builds on the other and supports you each day and throughout the year with focus, measurable results, and direction.

If you find self-accountability difficult find an accountability partner to support and share the journey. It is amazing how incredible the feeling when you feel supported, heard and empowered through shared success with an accountability partner.


Join me each Sunday morning, as I share my experience with finding “Happiness in the Everyday.”  The power of our belief is in our hands and creates the internal and external worlds we live in. www.carryyourmessage.com

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