How a slip of paper changed my life.

  6 Steps to finding happiness in the everyday

Today, social media has blurred the lines of what reality is. Ever-present online is the social masks that have the power to affect thoughts, emotions and the quality of life for many. To compare one’s internal life with another’s external life can create emotional havoc especially for the young. Understanding the power of thought provides us the ability to choose how we feel about ourselves and the world around us.Life is nothing more than transitions. Moving from life event to life event. The emotions we experience, positive or negative are nothing more than the gap between where we are #Mondayblues and where we want to be #Mondaymuse, a space of the “in-between.” We have the power to close the gap by the thoughts we carry.What if you could change the course of your day by deliberate forward focusing on how YOU WANT TO FEEL? It is possible. The power to change how you feel is as fast as putting on the music that makes you happy! Try it. Watch and feel how your thoughts and emotions change with the music you turn on.

“The mind is everything. What you think you become. — Buddha.

During a time of battling internal struggles as a young adult, I started writing notes, quotes and inspiring words to look to throughout the day. These little reminders would empower me to stay strong, positive and embrace change. I embraced new thoughts that brought feelings of hope to move forward. To take action and to improve my life. I learned that it was the health of my internal world that would determine the health and success of my external world.

Carrying inspiring messages has been a practice for my entire adult life. No matter how far down I have gone or felt, I have always found something to be grateful for in my life. Through the massive appreciation of what is, I was able to maintain an attitude of gratitude. This led me beyond the suffocating depression that loomed over me as a young person, allowing me to rise once again to the happiness I desired.

Don’t like how you feel? Change it. Change your thoughts through the process of forward focusing. You have the power to change the direction of your day by focusing your thoughts on how you want to feel rather than drifting along believing old familiar thoughts.

6 Steps to finding happiness in the everyday

  1. How are you feeling right now? Sad? What is on the other end of sad? Happy. You want to feel happy. Don’t we all want to be happy? We think we will find happiness with the next outfit, boyfriend, house, job, etc., etc., etc. When we don’t find the happiness we expect often times we move on to the next thing. It’s a vicious cycle.
  2. In your life right now, find WHAT makes you happy. Feel the happy as it is associated with your thoughts. If you don’t feel the “Happy” with this thought go to another thought until you can feel a sense of happiness. It takes trial and error, a little patience but most of all practice. Practice in directing your thoughts. Don’t just assume that what you think is what you are supposed to think and believe, you have a choice.
  3. When you find a thought that makes you feel happy or inspired hold this thought, revel in how you feel and enjoy the experience.
  4. Notice your physical body. How is your posture? Your breathing? As your thought takes hold and your feeling improves, you may stand taller. Your breath, deeper and slower. You become more relaxed as your new thought generates a sense of happiness.
  5. Write down words, thoughts, quotes anything that inspires or triggers a feeling of happiness. Carry it with you throughout the day. Look at it. Take in how you feel, for our feelings propel us to take action. Know you are choosing how you want to feel.
  6. Understand that thoughts are continuously coming and going. Focusing is nothing more than gently guiding your thoughts to the thoughts of your choice. Thoughts float in and float out just as the clouds pass through the sky.

    Take a chance. Experiment with this concept. Have you ever created a vision board? If so, take a cue from the feelings evoked as you created your vision. How did you feel?

    Carry your message is your portable inspiration to feeling happy in the everyday.


    Join me each Sunday morning, as I share my experience with finding “Happiness in the Everyday.”  The power of our belief is in our hands and creates the internal and external worlds we live in.

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