I find INSPIRATION in nature. Nature's cues abound.

Sunrise and sunset are the most powerful times of the day for me. Sunrise,  especially inspiring. The day new and about to unfold. Feelings of change, improvement, or personal growth are strong, vibrant and meaningful.

Sunset,  the time for reflection. Did I do what I had intended throughout the day? Was I kinder? Was I patient? Did I appreciate? Whatever the "it" is, sunset is my time of reflection, and at times, the reflection is "Tomorrow will be different." But does tomorrow ever come? To live in the present moment is what creates tomorrow as well as yesterday.

Yesterday and tomorrow are created in the NOW. NOW falls "in-between" Sunrise and Sunset. NOW is bookended by the great cues and wondrous visions provided by nature. " The NOW is consumed with the activity of task filled, deadline driven days and it is easy to lose sight in the doing rather being of dreams, desires and wants of life. The in-between is where the personal presence of thought, passion, and action is most important, yet so often lost.

Join me each Sunday morning, as I explore my experience with navigating the "in-between" and the self-revelation of awakening to inspiration vs. motivation through the messages I carry internally and externally. The power of our belief is in our hands and creates the internal and external worlds we live.

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