"Not all those who wander are lost."

Inspiration vs. Motivation. How we perceive each can determine the reality of our life. For 25+ years I lived and breathed my corporate career. I loved what I did and who I did it with. The fun, security, and stability are what I needed in my life. I was motivated to move forward and up until I was wasn't.

I am creative by nature and always seeking. However, during this time my seeking lived in two worlds. A personal life of inspiration. A professional life of motivation. Neither lives to meet. This gap contributed to a sense of discord, sometimes undetectable and other times incredibly painful. The Internal rumblings grew as a result of extended trips to Ecuador in 2007 and are where the jump-off point started.

I found myself out of my usual corporate routine. Up to this point, vacation was a day here and there. Working in a high pressure, deadline driven career my perception was "it was much easier to take a few days than several days and deal with what was upon my return."

The ever-mounting realization was evident, "something in my life had to change." I believe we know what we don't know. I had always known that this day would come, and that day was to integrate my personal life of inspiration with my professional life of motivation. To begin, I needed to identify my beliefs behind each. Motivation I determined as more of an external, action-based existence. I was professionally motivated to do a great job, for the accolades, money and perceived security of my career. Inspiration I determined as an internal, belief experienced as a love based existence. I was personally inspired by my deeply held spiritual life of prayer, meditation, art, service to others and the power of positivity in my life. Although, motivation and inspiration coexisted, my motivation was more about doing. Doing the right thing, making it happen, there was positivity to doing the right thing, but it was making things happen rather than allowing things to happen. Inspiration comes through alignment within that inspires creativity, action through inspired ideas, thoughts and dreams. I experienced inspired motivation in my life at this time but still found my career and personal life on a somewhat different plane.

I believe in the power of silence. Silence is a time to connect, align and hear. As we pray we speak, as we meditate we hear. The hectic life I led held much speaking and less hearing, the call to silence were felt and followed in the form of a layoff in 2009. While many people may feel sad, angry, or fearful at this juncture, my heart sang with joy. Eyes wide open to the miracle of the universe providing me with a new opportunity to join my worlds as one.

Compelled by my desire for a new future, research was my teacher. I had never had the confidence in the possibility of changing my career or changing my comfortable status quo. I loved what I did and still, do. The difference is a new understanding. The desire to integrate motivation and inspiration was a natural calling for it is in inspired motivation is where I found alignment, purpose, meaning and mindfulness. What I was living was not right or wrong. For me there needed to be a change.

2010 brought new meaning. I became a certified wellness coach. I coached others through listening, asking open-ended questions, listening, mirroring back my client's answers, listening. Listening, the reason we have two ears and one mouth. Listening has always been one of my most significant assets.

My ability to listen in my corporate career provided me a glimpse into the importance of mindfully merging motivation and inspiration. It was at this point the realization that personal is professional emerged front and center. To be successful professionally there needed to be success personally. My coaching profession led me to corporate wellness programs where the veil was pulled back to a sea of personal desires by the professionals I coached.

The quote by David Buck of Coachville USA provided me with the most meaningful explanation for how I felt. "My certainty is greater than your doubt." Within this quote are hope, love, connection and the ability to do or be whoever you desire. It is through working and connecting with others we can grow.

As my coaching career continued, I decided to follow my heart rather than my head, to move with inspired motivation rather than the mindset of making things happen. Often times, I felt a sense of loss, confusion and fear only to realize I needed to trust I was on the right path. I found comfort in the quote by J. R. R. Tolkien "Not all those who wander are lost" for I could see the path in my mind's eye even if it wasn't externally present.

I've transitioned and evolved, from visual marketing professional to a wellness coach, wellness marketing professional, trainer, jewelry artist to where I am today, utilizing all of my skills collectively gathered over the years. Today I help organizations and individuals close the gap from where they are to where they desire to be,

Closing the gap of the inbetween "where I am to where I want to be" is available to all right now. Listen, and you will hear.


Join me each Sunday morning, as I explore my experience with navigating the “in-between” Read Navigating the inbetween and the self-revelation of awakening to inspiration vs. motivation through the messages I carry internally and externally. The power of our belief is in our hands and creates the internal and external worlds we live.

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