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How a slip of paper changed my life.

How a slip of paper changed my life.
Today, social media has blurred the lines of what reality is. Ever-present online is the social masks that have the power to affect thoughts, emotions and the quality of life for many. To compare one’s internal life with another’s external life can create emotional havoc especially for the young. Understanding the power of thought provides us the ability to choose how we feel about ourselves and the world around us. Life is nothing more than transitions.

Inspired still?

Inspired woman reflecting the future in 2020

Five days into the new year. How’s it going? Are you inspired, and actively making changes? I hope so, but if not I feel your pain. The struggle is real, the saying goes, however, I know the struggle does not have to last forever.

I’m not going to lie, making a lifestyle change is hard, uncomfortable and oftentimes complicated. So how do you change your lifestyle for improved health and happiness?