Carry Your Message Sterling Silver Meaningful Message Necklace

Carry Your Message® Sterling Silver Dog Tag Slide Pendant

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Write it. Wear it. Live it.

Your words are powerful. Whether it's supporting a friend or discovering your purpose, inspire with words to live by. Simply write your message and place it in this unique piece of jewelry to keep it close to heart.

Carry Your Message® dog tags are handcrafted with a decorative sterling silver dog tag made from 24-gauge sterling silver and Rectangle message holder made of 26-gauge brass.

The sterling silver dog tag is embossed, etched, stamped or patinated; or not depending on the design and is sealed, assembled ready for sale.

The brass rectangle message holder is constructed, riveted, sealed and assembled.

Dog Tag size:

  • Decorative sterling silver dog tag  – 35mm x 19mm
  • Rectangle message holder dog tag – 33mm x
Dog tags come on a copper 27″ Silver Plated Ball Chain