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    Robin Sacks | Public Speaking Coach | Professional Speaker | Confidence Coach | Author

    Learn How to Have MORE Confidence and LESS Stress When Speaking

    It all started with a blank notebook.


    LifeMap411 founders Vicki Prussak and Robin Sacks met in a way that one might say was "meant to be." Having never met, they both attended a book exchange holiday party hosted by the Cleveland Coaching Federation. Each attendee was to bring a wrapped book that had meaning to them. Of all the influential publications exchanged that day, two people got something a little different; each had wrapped a blank notebook. The reason given by both as to why they chose a blank notebook was the same - sometimes, the most influential and powerful book you can open is a blank one.


    Over the years, Vicki and Robin have excelled at coaching with their focuses(Vicki is a Well-being Coach and Creative Entrepreneur, and Robin is a Motivational Speaker and Confidence Coach). However, their love of blank notebooks and the fantastic things that can come from them remains a passion.


    It's time to map your life. Are you ready For a YOU-Turn?#onceuponatime


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