The Carry Your Message® Story:

Founder/Creator of Carry Your MessageCarry Your Message® was created from my own personal journey. During a time of battling internal struggles as a young adult, I started writing notes, quotes and inspiring words on bits of paper to look at throughout the day. These little reminders would empower me to stay strong, positive and embrace change. So not to lose my notes, I tucked them into the jewelry I made.

Today, Carry Your Message® jewelry reaches far beyond my journey. Many wear Carry Your Message® jewelry as a mindful reminder of what is truly important or inspirational to their life.

Whether you are wearing it for personal motivation and inspiration or gifting it to a friend to show support, Carry Your Message® jewelry is beautiful, inside and out.

I hope one of my creations helps you discover your message and guide you on your own personal journey.

-Vicki Prussak
Founder/Creator/Jewelry Designer of Carry Your Message®

Carry Your Message was created out of my need - Part 1

Carry Your Message created out of a different need  - Part 2