I'm inspired by...

the power of the mind, the beauty of nature. The metal I work with is strong, yet pliable, radiant and bright; however, can tarnish and lackluster when not cared for properly. The metal is not that different than us. Our days are busy and layered with commitments. It's easy to drown in the tasks and demands set upon us each day.

I'm about effortless, everyday beauty that can help ground me as I travel my daily path. I like unique, simple yet functional accessories. Carry Your Message jewelry is my day-to-day reminder to breathe, appreciate and take in this moment for nothing lasts forever. I can be strong, confident and beautiful, not matter what comes my way.

Our Story:

While working as a wellness coach, clients struggled to remember their goals each week. I remembered the jewelry I made as a teenager. "What if I made a few necklaces to help my clients?"

The jewelry was a hit & helpful too! It was at this point I shifted gears from Wellness Coach to jewelry designer and Carry Your Message ® was born.

Carry Your Message ® jewelry was originally created out of a personal need as a teenager seeking to make life changes. As a result of an unhealthy lifestyle, I had a hard time remembering to make healthy choices. My negative thoughts ran rampant. The necklaces I made had a secret message holder. The holder allowed me to tuck affirmations & meaningful words for close keeping.

Throughout the day I was reminded of my new intentions and the excitement I felt as I wrote my message each morning. The necklace I wore and the message it held, anchored me throughout my day.

  "What we think, we become." – Budda

Jewelry for everyday beauty, inside and out.  

Write it. It could be your daily mantra, a goal, a celebration or simply positive vibes. Get started by writing your message on the small strip of paper.


Wear it. Tuck your message into the secret message holder to keep it close to your heart. 


Live it. When you wear this piece, let it be your constant reminder of happiness, hope and support. Live out your message and enjoy your new special piece of jewelry.