Carry Your Message - Conscious Ink Om (Sanskrit) Card and Tattoo
Carry Your Message - Conscious Ink Om (Sanskrit) Card and Tattoo
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"Om (sanskrit)" Greeting Card w/Tattoo

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Any yogis or meditators in your life? The "Om" Manifestation Temporary Tattoo Greeting Card will be greatly appreciated as a visual reminder to tap into the music, the vision, and power of the symbolic chant.!

Totally unique and original, the Conscious Ink Manifestation Temporary Tattoo Card is a card and gift in one. Each card contains a Conscious Ink Manifestation Temporary Tattoo, along with our "setting intention” instructions. Each card makes a perfect gift for anyone on your mind or in your heart that could use a little extra love and support. They also team up perfectly with our Manifestation Tattoo Intention Packs. Together, they make a powerful “Manifestation Kit", perfect for any occasion!

The Greeting Cards themselves are equally distinctive and conscious. They’re made with eco-chic Kraft 100% recycled paper (100% PCW), and renewable Green-e certified energy. FSC certified.

It’s the ultimate feel-good card to give and receive!